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Our Key Feature


1.     The platform is programmed to serve the need of the homogeneous groups
2.    The course is delivered by trained, experienced IB faculty which include IB examiners and Team leaders.
3.    It is consciously and deliberately organized and implemented through live classes.
4.    The course is designed to address the real-time problems of students through one- on-one feedback sessions on written tasks, Internal assessments and Extended essays and theory of knowledge.
5.     The course is designed to follows strict educational standards and is methodical in nature.
6.     Students can map their own grading and gradual succession in the subject area. STASTICS OF THE INSTITUTE 

·        90%  to  100% accuracy in grading Internal assessments which comprises an important component in securing high achievable levels.

·        90 % to 100% accuracy in Predictions of extended essays with innovative new topics with no double -dipping.

·        90 % to 100% accuracy in TOK essays with no moderation in TOK commentary.


To encourage eLearning community to engage in sustainable and inclusive education to all through new age technology